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Web Design & Development

We work primarily with WordPress because it’s incredibly flexible and cuts down on development time and costs for our clients. This doesn’t mean that the websites are based on cookie-cutter templates. We provide unique and highly customized responsive designs that include all the features you may require along with custom plug-ins, contact forms and other marketing features as appropriate.

For those clients who want to maintain the site on their own, we provide in-depth training. Otherwise we offer ongoing maintenance and update services based on individual needs. 

You many have heard the terms UX and UI design. We’ll make sure that we apply best practices for both disciplines. UX (user experience) design focuses on creating a meaningful and relevant experience and applies to the overall feel of a site. To accomplish this we integrate all aspects of branding, function and usability into the design of a website. 

UI (user interface) design is concerned with how a user interacts with each page and ensures that the site layout is efficient and guides the user with ease throughout the website. 

For a website design or redesign, this is the typical flow of our process. 

  1. Conduct a discovery session with the client to determine specific needs, features and target audience
  2. Discuss likes and dislikes, design and timeline
  3. Establish the level of maintenance and updates the clients wants to handle in-house and understand skill levels of staff
  4. Develop site architecture and navigation
  5. Receive preliminary content from client
  6. Create several design samples that show layout and flow for the home page along with color choices and other visuals
  7. Based on client feedback, refine the design and general look and feel of the site. Get specific on colors, typefaces, photography, icons
  8. Develop additional graphics as needed, custom icons, infographics, buttons, etc. 
  9. Set up development site and begin building pages 
  10. Populate pages with final content
  11. Test, proof, move to production server
  12. Launch! 

Pricing and development time for a website can vary greatly from client to client and depends on many factors. After a first consultation, we determine the scope of the project and provide a detailed quote.


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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a critical component for every website. We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend our foundational SEO package at a minimum. In a nutshell, here’s what we include:

  • Initial keyword research
  • Development of main keyword/key phrase list and keyword map
  • Implementation of Page Titles, H1 Tags and Page Descriptions
  • Optimization of all techni