Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design simply put, is a way to enhance your business communications by adding visual elements to your messages. Design needs vary from client to client and we can take on small projects as well as large and complex campaigns that include multiple, coordinated pieces. 

Many of our clients already have an established brand and very specific guidelines when they come to us. Whenever that’s the case, we can fill in and work with their existing standards, ensure brand consistency throughout all collateral updates, and develop new items that are cohesive with the current look and feel.

Other clients need a refresh beginning most urgently with a new website. During the development process for the website, we keep in mind that the new design components have to translate seamlessly into print as well. 

Many start-ups need an identity and collateral pieces created from scratch. It’s always exciting to have such a clean slate to work with, but it’s equally important to listen closely to the client’s vision, as many entrepreneurs already have very specific ideas about what their brand should look like. 

Great visuals also enhance your social media presence, encourage shares and clicks, and inspire likes to gain new followers. Our designs for social media can include headers for your profile pages and imagery for your posts. We can source photos to accompany articles and blog posts, and create custom graphics and visuals that illustrate your content.

We’ll discuss your goals and strategy and work with you to develop collateral that solidifies your brand and enhances your marketing activities. 

One more word on branding…

A brand is more than a logo. It’s the central idea that communicates your values and vision to your customers through design, colors, typefaces, and words. 

Part of brand is consistent messaging that communicates who you are with an authentic voice. We’ll listen carefully to understand what your business is about and help you tell your story in way that represents your vision.  

Lastly, a comprehensive brand book will ensure that your team has a guideline that’s easy to follow. 

View samples of our work for a brand refresh for Central Asia Institute and for work with existing branding for Homewatch CareGivers.