Our Team

As the owners of the company, we are also the designers and primary contacts for our clients. While we work with consultants and contract designers on an ongoing basis, we are personally committed to the success of each project. We’re always available to answer questions and respond to requests promptly. It’s important to us that our clients know they can depend on us at all times.

In Our Customers’ Words…

“We sincerely appreciate the good work you continue to do for us.  You are a big part of our success.” – L. Kempton | Owner | Homewatch CareGivers of Green Valley, AZ.

“AMCS Marketing was able to deliver exactly what we had in mind! Their turn-around time is fast, and they are very responsive to changes and special requests. They were always just a phone call away, and held our hand through the whole process. Our trust was not misplaced in them!”
– K. Cummings | Business Services Coordinator | Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Anya McManis Owner

Anya McManis is Founder and President of AMCS Marketing. Driven with an entrepreneurial spirit and an artistic vision, she has spent the past 15 years growing her creative business. Anya believes in creating a smart and dynamic business environment that consistently inspires her work.

“We’re not pretending that AMCS Marketing is a large, full fledged ad agency. But we do occupy an important niche that fits the needs of many businesses, even large corporations. Our services often fill a gap that a big agency can’t, or doesn’t want to provide, and at a much lower cost. Especially medium to small size businesses don’t typically have the budget to hire a full service agency, and for them we can be an invaluable partner and critical resource.”

Anya’s professional journey took her through a variety of industries. She held key marketing positions in the travel industry in Europe, and has experience in the technology, education, and advertising sectors. Her interest in marketing and love of the agency environment culminated in the founding of her own creative agency. Her business initially operated under the name Kreative Keystrokes. A few years ago, Anya felt that she needed a change and opened Spellbound Art, an art gallery and painting studio in Olde Town Arvada. This endeavor took center stage for about two years while the agency played second fiddle.

However, at some point, she realized that her heart wasn’t in the new venture and decided to go back to her roots. At that time she changed the business name to AMCS Marketing to make a fresh start – where the AMCS stands for Anya McManis Creative Studio. With renewed enthusiasm and energy she revived her creative agency and turned it into a fast-paced, busy workplace once more. 

Anya is also an avid painter, and her work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions throughout the US, Canada and Europe.