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AMCS Marketing is a boutique agency and we occupy an important niche that fits the needs of many businesses, even large corporations. Our services often fill a gap that a big agency can’t or doesn’t want to provide at a much lower cost. Especially medium to small size businesses may not have the budget to hire a full service agency, and for them we can be an invaluable partner and critical resource.

The agency is run by Anya and Joe McManis who combine their creativity and wide ranging experience to deliver design and marketing expertise to their clients. 

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Anya McManis

Anya McManis

Anya is Founder and President of AMCS Marketing. Driven with an entrepreneurial spirit and an artistic vision, she has spent the past 18 years running her creative business. Anya loves complex projects that challenge her creativity and she’s passionate about providing solutions that drive her clients’ businesses forward.

Her professional journey took her through a variety of industries. She held key marketing positions in the travel industry in Europe and gained wide ranging expertise in graphic design and web development. Her interest in marketing and love of the agency environment culminated in the founding of her own creative agency. 

Anya is also an avid painter, and her work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Check out her art here.

Joe McManis

Joe McManis

Joe brings many years of diverse creative experience in design, branding and illustration to the business. He made his creative debut in Houston, TX where he started his career as a graphic designer. After several other stops across the country, he returned to his native Denver.

Much of his professional time in Colorado was spent in the non-profit and health sectors, among others with the American Cancer Society. In 2015, Joe joined forces with his wife Anya and is applying his expertise and varied skill sets to the success of their company.

In his spare time, he enjoys picking up the fiddle or the guitar, and you might run into him at a gig in the local music scene. He is also a talented painter and sculptor.

We love design and we love to work closely with our clients. We make every effort and really listen so that we can understand our clients, know their objectives, and establish a partnership that’s based on transparency and trust. Then we’re at our best.