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Central Asia Institute

Central Asia Institute (CAI) is a non-profit organization based in Bozeman, Montana. Their mission is to empower communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls; to promote peace through education; and to convey the importance of these activities globally.

We have partnered with them for more than eight years and have worked on their online and offline projects; from branding to web design to print.

Journey of Hope Magazine cover
Central Asia Institute Impact Report 2022 Cover

Conference & Event Services | University of Denver

A long standing client for whom we have worked on several website redesigns and other projects.

Event signage for the DU Christmas Party with a “woodland” theme.

Alamo Biologics

Alamo Biologics is a full service allograft tissue bank based in San Antonio, TX. We worked with them on a complete brand redesign, new website, and product packaging. The rebranding included the main logo as well as two sub-brands.

Assistance in Home Care

A long-time client that provides senior in-home care in California. We worked with them on the design of advertisements and their caregiver recruitment collateral. 

Montana Roofing Association

We maintain their association website and create emails and graphics for their annual events. 

Montana Roofing Association email sample

Spectra Mortgage

This client needed a refresh of their brand. We redesigned the logo and website along with business cards and other collateral. 

Spectra Mortgage focuses on providing customized consultations for mortgage planning that complements their client’s financial plan, retirement plan and personal goals.

Spectra Mortgage logo

Out of the Woods Strategies

Lisa Woods is a life coach and practical spiritualist and teams up with clients who desire to shift their focus from a place of uncertainty to one of hope. She facilitates growth by inspiring resilience in a new generation of leaders — not just in age, but by approach. 

Our goal was to create a website that clearly reflected her vision for her coaching business. 

“I can’t tell you how great it feels to be partnering with you — your design, your precision, your skills and creativity and with such responsiveness, humor, and candor. Really grateful for all of it!”

– Lisa Woods

Northwest Habilitation Services

Based in Portland, OR, this client needed a complete corporate identity package along with a website and print collateral.

Waters Edge Mobile Printing

Web design and development for an Oklahoma based company that specializes in data collection and mobile printing solutions.

Washpark Weenies

One of our fun projects was the logo for a dog walking group called the Washpark Weenies. We’re still waiting for the group shot with their new t-shirts. Stay tuned!

Washpark Weenies logo

Colorado Art Lab

And finally, our very own side gig where we pursue our art endeavors. Logo, website, emails, social media, and more.